is a new luxury yachting brand.

The idea is to present a range of catamarans that will take you in a new direction. 

The J-Class America's Cup yachts of the 1920's & 30's were truly remarkable and it was those  yachts that did inspire the super sailors we see today.

There are now many 30 meter plus super mono's and many owners and charter hosts and guests who have sailed on these big sailing yachts. 

Today however, owners need to ask - what will the next generation of super sailors look like if that are to be inspired by today's America's Cup?

ENDLESS SUMMER YACHTS presents a new way forward. 

Units at: 

25 / 30 / 35 meters

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Get onboard with a new luxury yachting brand

The idea of creating a new luxury yachting brand as a start up is of course very ambitious,  for such a scheme to work one needs to present an exceptional product offering.

We invite all interested parties to get in touch.

We seek to make  connections with potential owners, with a view to participating not only in the realisation of your built unit, but also being able to benefit from the brands future development.

Partnerships from existing yards are of interest to me too. 

ENDLESS SUMMER YACHTS will operate as a marketing / research and design function. 

The vision is to contract builds out to capable build partners.

I see scope to partner with such a yard, potentially bringing them in orders under the ENDLESS SUMMER YACHTS banner, with ongoing orders to be built with such a yard.

Such a dynamic could be mutually beneficial & very exciting indeed.